Monday, 18 July 2016

The program and everything surrounding it was amazing. Aida and all the assistants are amazing people that are actually trying to make a difference and that is what makes this project stand out from the bunch. In just a couple days it was very easy to get along with everyone and there is a very relaxed yet hard working vibe going on. One thing I particularly enjoyed was making bonds with the community and helping out in any possible way. Not only the volunteers and assistants were amazing people, but the locals also have a lot to offer and add to the positive vibe.
The program and everything surrounding it has been amazing. Li
The program and everything surrounding it has been amazing. Life goes back to

Friday, 15 July 2016

After first being sceptical about our week in Hacienda Rio Oro due to the rustic way of life, we stepped out of our comfort zone and embraced the lack of wifi and electricity. It is fair to say life is different here, however only for the better. We have enjoyed every minute of our time on the programme, both the directors and workers welcomed us with open arms and ensured we were adequately trained before patrolling the beach at night. It has been a great week and we would highly recommend the programme to anyone interested in conservation of sea turtles and wildlife in general. We would like to thank the coordinators and assistants for making our time here relaxing and enjoyable.


Tom and Ollie