Friday, 30 September 2016

I spent the last 10 days in Rio Oro and my experience exceded my expectations. I came during the peak of the season and on my last night saw 15 turtles! Last year I came to Drake Bay to volunteer in early July and I would definitely recommend coming later in the season around mid September/October as the activity is much greater. I was concerned coming during the rainy season but luckilly for me it was warm and sunny every day besides a few on and off showers! During the day you can expect to have a decent amount of downtime, but it´s easy to stay busy with different activities such as kayaking, horseback riding, taking a trip to the beach/river, or relaxing at the local bar (which I did a little too often). At night is when you get really busy! Patrols last about 4-5 hours but the time flies by fast when you´re on the beach working with the turtles. You´ll help with tagging and measuring the turtles, taking down various data, relocating nests, and if you come later in the season like I did, helping the hatchlings make their way down to the sea. My coordinators and assistants, Aida, Eva, Alberto, Ed, and Emily, were all extremely helpful, friendly, and made the experience so enjoyable. I can´t wait to come again in the future :)


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