Monday, 20 July 2015

Discovering Costa Rica

We´ve only been here in Drake Bay for a few days and have already had so many adventures. We have experienced bright beautiful sunshine, lots of rain, many different insects and animals and wonderful food prepared by our host family. They have fed us well over the last few days with many exciting dishes including “pinto” (rice and beans), “fresco” (freshly squeezed fruit juice), fried banana, pancakes, lots of exotic fruits and vegetables and much more. This has prepared us well for our hard work at the turtle hatchery.

Building the hatchery is tiring but rewarding to know that we are working towards a good cause. The sand must be dug and prepared for building nests for the eggs that need to be relocated to keep them safe from predators and poachers. After a morning of digging and removing roots from the sand, a refreshing swim in the beautifully warm Pacific Ocean helps to cool off and relax.

At this time of year, rain is a usual occurrence and we have found ourselves caught in heavy storms and wading through rivers and flooded forests. It all feels like a big adventure and we are learning how to handle the weather here. We are also learning how to build nests, identify turtles´ tracks and camouflage them once the turtle has gone. We look forward to putting our new skills in to practice over our many night patrols and morning ´censos´ that we will do over the next few weeks.  All this, as well as meeting many friendly locals and other volunteers from all over the world has made our time here very enjoyable so far.

Pura vida!

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