Wednesday, 15 July 2015

First turtle tracks of the season

On Monday, we did our first "censo" (morning walk along the beach). We were lucky enough to spot the first turtle tracks of the season. Even better, we discovered the first turtle nest. We found the nest along the northern part of the beach and, based on the size of the tracks, determined that it was one made by an Olive Ridley. Made our 5AM wakeup call worth it!

The hatchery will soon be finished. We've put a lot of (sweaty) hours of work in there, but the volunteers that come in the next few weeks will be able to relocate the nests to a much more secure location.

Today, we took the day off and visited Agujitas. While a few of us laid out on the beach and got some sun, a group of six of us decided to try paddle boarding. It was so much fun. Playa Colorado looked even more beautiful from the sea.

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