Wednesday, 29 July 2015

     The runway was closed by the goverment so we had to arrive by boat. During the ride it was very rainy and when we got out into the ocean there was pretty big waves which my dad thought was kinda scary, but I thought that it was exciting. A little after we arrived at Drake Bay a truck came down to pick us up and bring us to the hostel. On the ride to the hostel we met a very nice girl who we are still kinda friends with. From the hostel we were immediately moved to a homestay because we are only doing the turtle program for a week. The family we are staying with is very nice and gave us the best room in the house. This is my first volunteer program and I´m only 12 so at first the work they had us do was pretty difficult, but as we got more in shape from constantly doing it, it got easeir. The morning of the first day we had censos so we got up at 5:00. Then, we walked down to the beach. To get to the beach you walk down a road, an old runway, and across a swinging bridge. During censos we found a tutle nest, but unfortunately it had already been found by poachers. We kept walking down south beach, but had to turn back because some dogs that seemed very territorial started to run towards us barking. After we had walked up and down the whole beach we were exhausted. When got back to the homestay we had a nice breakfast of beans, rice, plantans, and natilla. 
     On Wednesday (today), even in the early morning it was very hot. After breakfast we walked to the beach to work on the hatchery. We had to sift the sand to make sure there weren`t any roots and big rocks within the sand that we would be relocating the turtle eggs to. The night before, night patrol had taken eggs from a turtle after it had layed them. Unfortunetly, the hatchery was not finished yet so they could not put the eggs there. By the hatchery there is a hut type stucture that we loosened sand in so that they could build a  place for someone to stay while they guard the hatchery. After the work that morning we went to our homestay and got swimsuits on. On our way to the hostel we saw a caiman in a river. This just so happend to be the river we were planning on swimming in. However, it was a different part of the river and it was just so hot so we jumped in anyway. The river is super refreshing for when you are very sweaty and tired. Between lunch and dinner were just kind of resting at the hostel because its raining really hard and we have night patrol tonight. Hopefully we´ll be lucky enough to see a turtle!

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