Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rain rain rain !

Yesterday night (Wednesday) we went patroling on the beach. It had rained during the whole afternoon so we were supposed to take the boat to cross the lagoon, but as we arrived there, someone hab taken the boat, so we had to walk in the jungle and cross the bridge.
Then, we began the patrol. After a few minutes, the group on South Beach had the chance to see a turtle, an Olive Ridley. Unfortunatly, the patrol was too late, and poachers had taken the eggs before we could do it. It was really sad because we didn't arrive early enough to protect the turtle. The volunteers saw the turtle during a few minutes, but she quickly went back to the sea. The men stayed on the beach then, but we just couldn't go to them and tell them to give the eggs back. Nothing special happened during the end of the patrol. As it was high tide, we finished the patrol a little bit earlier.

Today we woke up at 6: 30 to go snorkeling around Caño Island. I thought we wouldn't be able to go because as we woke up, it was raining hardly. But as we left the hostel, the weather was better. On the way to Isla Caño, we saw dolphins. Then we arrived on the spot, where we saw turtles and sharks! It was amazing ! We took lunch on another beach on the way back to drake bay. During the lunch, it began to rain hardly! The first boat left the beach, but we had to wait a long time on the beach until our boat came. We were totally wet. When the boat arrived, we were really happy to leave the beach because there was a big storm and the lightnings were just next to us... On the way back the waves were huge and we were all so wet. Then we arrived in Drake Bay but of course it was impossible to cross the river to go back to the hostel, so we walk across it. After that, we were really happy to take a shower and put on dry clothes :)

Rosanne (Suiza)

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  1. What a crazy day on Cano Island! I'll never forget the storm and freezing with you and Maria! Another amazing adventure! All of the volunteers were so fun to spend time with!