Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hot Pink Crocs

They were a last minute addition  to my backpack, almost an after thought. After constant ridicule back in Canada for even owning a pair, I never would have imagined that they would have carried me this far. I find it hard to believe the single best item brought with me on this trip was a pair of pink crocs (I recommend the investment).

When my friends and I arrived in Drake Bay, I don't believe any of us had a real clue of how much of an adventure we were about to embark on. We were rapidly whisked off to Rio Oro within the first few days of arrival, me with my crocs in tow. Rio Oro is a far more rustic conservation location than what you'd find in Drake Bay, completely cut off from the outside world. Every day spent there was full of incredible experiences similar to things that your parents warned you never participate in. 

 On a typical day it wouldn't be uncommon to wade through knee deep crocodile lagoons in the middle of the night, wrestle with massive sea turtles during tagging, cover 10km a night on pristine beaches during night patrol, and get sprinted off the beach during a rapidly approaching lightning storm. 

Much to my friends amusement, my feet and I were constantly very grateful that I had the always fashionable crocs on my feet.  (I would also like to point out that they were the shoe of choice by the local guides.) 

My time spent with the Corcovado Foundation has definitely been filled with experiences that I will never forget, or be able to properly explain to anyone back home! Getting to interact on such an intimate level with the sea turtles and learn about their conservation was more than worthwhile. For anyone looking for an unforgettable experience with some truly amazing people I recommend making your way down here yourself and seeing where the adventure takes you.

Pura Vida

- Heather, 20, Canada

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