Thursday, 6 August 2015

Our experience here with the Corcovada Foundation has been everything we hoped and more. Just last night on our last patrol in Rio Oro we saw eighteen turtles on the south side of the beach. It was exhausting but exhilerating keeping track of each and every mother as she made the long trek up the moonlit beach to create her nest and lay her eggs. Each patrol was more exciting and action packed than the last. I will never forget our long nights on the outskirts of the Central American jungle, watching in awe as these endangered creatures fought the odds to keep up the survival of their species. Of course while the turtles kept us on our toes, they were not the only thing leaving us breathless these past two weeks. The scenery alone in both Drake Bay and at Hacienda Rio Oro is enough to travel any amount of miles just to experience it. When I first entered this jungle I saw the color green as I never have before. The wild life is flourishing. Howler monkeys, crocodiles, tree frogs and even jungle cats have appeared to us throughout our rainforest adventures and given us all a sense of how wild the world we live in truly is. The hospitality has been above and beyond. The marine biologists and our guides at Rio Oro, Eva and Elias, are some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. They are so selfless, and have done everything they can and more to make sure that the turtles are safe and that the volunteers are having the ultimate experience here. I am going to miss lazy days drinking coconuts on the endless beach, gazing out at the great blue pacific in it´s primal state, and listening to the crashing of the waves. I am going to miss exploring the exotic rainforests and mangrove forrests by foot, horseback,and kayak. But most of all I am going to miss the people I have met here and the memories that we have made together. Going off the grid in the depths of the Costa Rican jungle may have been a dramatic change from the comfortable western amenties I have become accustomed to, but there is nothing I ever could have done that would have opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart more than this amazing trip.

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