Monday, 17 August 2015

Wedding anniversary

August 12, 2015

For our ten year wedding anniversary, we knew we wanted to go away, but we weren´t sure exactly what we wanted to do.  We were nervous to leave our two daughters behind for two weeks.

We decided to try something outside of our comfort zone and we´re so glad that we did!  This is our first trip that we are staying with a host family and doing conservation work.  Staying with our host family has truely given us the opportunity to experience the “rico” culture of Costa Rica.  We also made some great friends! 

We have learned a lot about the turtle conservation project and are impressed with the collaborative nature of the project and the way it reaches out to local families and schools to educate the community. 
So far the highlight of our trip was during our morning “censo” (i.e. the early morning census of the beach) when we discovered some fresh turtle tracks and were able to locate the turtle nest by ourselves.  After confirming that the eggs were in the nest, we then camoflauged the entire area in order to hide the nest from poachers.  

Overall, this has been an eyeopening and exciting trip!  We need to run now though to prepare for our night beach patrol in a few hours!
Jesse & Karen Ferguson
Marion, Massachusetts
United States

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