Friday, 4 September 2015

An Unexpected Journey

When I started my Masters in Sustainable Development it was always with the intention of being able to start a career in conservation.  My first trip to Costa Rica in September 2013 only helped to cement this desire. However as my degree went on and lectures were more about creating sustainable business solutions than conserving wildlife I began to lose hope that I would end up qualified to do my dream job.

When it finally came to doing my dissertation I thought that this at last would be my opportunity to really focus on conservation and do something that I was truly passionate about.  I contacted Rob at the Corcovado Foundation to see if it might be possible to conduct my research in Costa Rica, all the time at the back of my mind thinking it would probably not be possible, but I was in luck...and so here I am!

This is day two of what I know is going to be a life changing experience. This morning was spent on the beautiful beach, keeping a close eye on the hatchery where volunteers help to relocate turtle nests to protect the eggs from poachers and predators. Tomorrow night I´ll be heading out on a night time patrol looking for nesting turtles under the Milky Way (hopefully! It´s not called the rainy season for nothing!)

 Over the next few weeks I will be interviewing members of the local community about their involvement in the project and the difference it has made to both them and the incredible wildlife it was design to protect. I can´t wait!

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