Wednesday, 23 September 2015


A nest hatched the other day. Some people are going to do the exhumation in just a few minutes, to examine the nests and see how many eggs made it, which ones didn´t, and if there are still babies digging their way out. If there are still babies, they´ll collect them and release them later, once it´s dark out and there´s a little less danger out on the beach for tiny turtles. There´s never no danger out there, not for something that small.

So this is my fifth week here with the program, my fourth in Drake Bay. Honestly, I´m not sure what I was expecting when I got here, but I´m loving every day, and I´m definitely not looking forward to leaving next week. Everyone here - staff, locals, and volunteers - are passionate about what they´re doing. When we aren´t on patrol, we´re learning about each other´s home countries, playing cards, helping around the hostel... There´s never a dull moment here.

It´s the most fun I´ve had in a long time.


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