Monday, 7 September 2015

Taking it all in

Blogging from within the charmingly rustic confides of the Backpackers Hostel in Drake Bay is almost surreal. Although I've been here for only a little over two weeks, the 'Pura Vida' lifestyle has seamlessly settled in and I've quickly become accustomed this simple way of life.

My first week, spent at Rio Oro, ensured that, with the complete lack of electricity, I made the most out of my time here. This lack of modernity did not however have any effect on our day as we were always too busy to notice that it'd been hours since we'd last checked our phones. On our arrival we were taken around the premises that almost felt irresponsibly luxurious. In addition to our en-suite tent, we were treated to hammocks, candle-lit paths and jungle gardens illuminated at night by, what seemed like, hundreds of fireflies. Every day has been different, we've swum in waterfalls, lassoed cows, fished in lakes and strolled picturesque, completely deserted beaches. There really has not been a dull moment. In the same manner, every patrol has brought with it something new. Some nights so busy we were running back and forth between nests, trying our best to tag and measure the turtles. Work that you can't help but feel passionate about after spending time with the people here, immersed in the local culture. Some 'uneventful' patrols spent walking the moonlit beach, gazing at the impossibly clear sky whilst having conversations about things you'd never expect to be able to, with people you've known for such a short amount of time. If technology was ever missed, it was soon forgotten by the magnitude of everything around you, and if anything it has begun to feel almost like a hindrance to experiencing real life. Would we had paid as much attention to the sound of the jungle had we been able to watch movies in our down time? Or been as impressed by the sheer volume of water that can suddenly erupt from the sky?

Any person coming to Drake Bay will undoubtedly have a good time; the people are welcoming and understanding, the surroundings are beautiful and there's a never-ending list of things to do. Experiences like these allow you to take away whatever you put into it, you can come and have a great time, and for some people it can be just that. But if you crave more, this place has a wealth of intelligent, passionate people, scenes of sheer beauty that leave you in awe and 'things-to-do' that will inspire you and encourage you to reflect on more than just the superficial.

Thankyou for everything

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