Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Coming Back

2 years ago, I came to paradise. I fell in love; not with a person but with a state of being. I found happiness, a sense of community, and wonderful friends. I learned a lot from my previous time spent with the Corcovado Foundation and the months/years that came after. I matured into my womanhood and discovered something inside myself that was triggered by the wonderful things we do for this community. But most importantly, returning back to paradise I realized something very important.

Eva and I began our walk to the river called Rio Oro on a bright sunny afternoon to tan and enjoy the ¨Pura Vida¨ lifestyle. Exchanging stories (new and old) of El Progreso and the project, she turned to me and asked, ´Well, what is different about you?´ and as I began to launch into a series of physical differences such as my short hair and the fact that I was no longer ¨gordita,¨ she cut me off and repeated the question, ´But what is different about you?´ pointing at my chest. Thinking back, the answer should´ve been more obvious to me but I explained to her, ´well, I think I´ve accepted that not everyone can like me and I´m okay with that. I find it easier to let things roll of my shoulders and not affect me. I´m happy with my life.´ And Eva looked at me and said, ´so you love yourself.´

I don´t know why but it had the strangest impact on me, our conversation. I was left wondering for days why I hadn´t seen it before. I´ve come to the conclusion though that returning to a place in which you loved so big will open up different parts of you. In that sense, I believe it is important to return to the places that you travel to. It´s like a puzzle... the best kind. I´m so happy to be back and create more radical adventures.

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